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Starship Today?

7 December 2020

It's been a relatively quiet week in space but after some delays we expect to see the #SpaceX #Starship take off at last today! We are also looking forward to seeing how the new #NDSatcom #Skywan5G release goes. Satellite #Mesh networks are a challenging but exciting technology.

Starship Due To Fly

30 November 2020

More technology news this week as #Eutelsat start offering their next gen #konnect service and #Inmarsat debut their inter satellite links. What is really getting us excited though is the prospect of the first real flight of the #SpaceX #Starship in the next few days!


OneWeb Returns!

23 November 2020

The exciting news of this week was the emergence of OneWeb from Chapter 11 under a new CEO and under the ownership of a consortium including the UK Government. Will they prove to be competition for SpaceX whose user terminal (rumour has it) costs possibly 4 times as much to make as it's sold for? 

New NSR Report

16 November 2020

As well as #Globalmilsatcom and World Satellite Business Week #WSBW, last week saw the release of the #NSR Government and Military Satellite Communications Report, 17th Edition. The report shows that the demand for #satellite #communications is still increasing massively year on year despite the challenges of #Covid#GSCSD17.


Global MilSatCom

9 November 2020

#OrbitalSolutions are looking forward to the first day of #GlobalMilsatCom tomorrow. Will we finally find out some detail regarding #Skynet6? And will it involve #OneWeb - now part owned by the UK Government? Exciting times!